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Sarah Palin: You Betcha!

I spent 20 minutes alone with Nick Broomfield once, and in half that time he had winkled pretty much my whole life story out of me. So it’s easy to see how he manages to persuade his interviewees to spill so many beans – he’s a proper charmer. And he sat right in front of me for this screening which was nice.

If you like the Broomfield style, you’ll enjoy this one – and even though Palin has spoiled the party by announcing she won’t run for President, it’s still a fascinating film. Who knows how much impact it had on her decision – she clearly still has a lot of support and it sounded a bit like the crew were pretty much run out of town after poking their cameras a bit too far into her murky business. No surprises that Palin is a bit of a power crazed biatch, but the interviews with ex colleagues and friends do shed a bit of grim light on the treatment she has dished out to anyone brave enough to stand in her way.

It did feel like a shame that she never agreed to be interviewed for the film, but  it works well even without her. Am guessing this will pop up as one of More4’s True Stories before long, so well worth popping on your sky plus.