My Week With Marilyn

This is a very nice film, one you could happily sit down with granny and watch on Christmas Day. It’s very nice. Everyone in it is very nice, and it’s a very nice story – innocent young man skinny dips with Marilyn Monroe (no bits on display to offend granny so don’t worry) and saves a movie. It’s the sort of thing that pops up on BBC4 occasionally and fills a dull evening while you’re painting your nails.

Judy Dench is in it, she’s very nice. And Derek Jacobi pops up at one point (honestly, is it just me or does everyone burst out laughing when he appears in a film these days? I have a bit of a Pavolvian reaction to him). Kenneth Branagh’s Olivier is performed with extremely high camp and quite enjoyable for that – if you’ve seen The Prince and the Showgirl this does go some way to explaining the pained expression Sir Larry wears throughout. And Michelle Williams, of course, is much better than quite nice, giving a pitch perfect turn as Monroe – although without the pneumatic bosoms (I think they pad her arse out here and there mind you). She gets the little girl lost thing spot on, makes you think there must be a much grittier film to be made about Marilyn at some point if anyone’s brave enough to really tell her story.

There isn’t much else to say – it’s a quite nice film, quite nicely done. Granny will like it.

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