Ides of March

Standing within touching distance of Mr Clooney is always a good way to start your evening – especially when his wrestler girlfriend is nowhere in sight. The film didn’t disappoint either – it’s not going to set the world on fire, but it’s a smart, good looking political drama with glossy lead performances which might well see some action come award time.

Ryan Gosling, the current totty du jour, does a fine job in the CJ Cregg role of press secretary who finds himself embroiled in some Clinton-like shenanigans following an office shag. Clooney is suitably statesmanlike as the governor aiming for bigger things, and always good to see Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of my absolute favourite actors. I think my only gripe is that maybe not surprisingly, the female roles are a bit weak – I’d like to have seen a bit more from Jennifer Ehle in particular. But maybe that’s more a comment on the way politicians treat women…

Overall, Clooney proves himself a director who knows how to make a very watchable drama (you’ll see the words classy and sleek applied to this a lot) and one which, despite a bit of a predictable storyline, kept my attention right through. And made me want to rewatch West Wing, frankly.

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